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Welcome to the home of Sour Mug Bulldogs. We are located in New Jersey.

My name is Shannon and I have been married to my husband, John  for 21 years. 


We purchased our first AKC registered Bulldog in 2005 and have never owned another breed since. Since then, our life has been centered around our bulldogs and wouldn’t have it any other way. Once my husband stepped into the show ring, he instantly became addicted.


Our goal in our breeding program is to breed and exhibit bulldogs for health, temperament and confirmation to the Bulldog Club of America’s written standard.


Please contact me with any questions you may have.

Why a Sour Mug Bulldog?


First and foremost, I am a breeder dedicated to the preservation and improvement of the Bulldog. Producing a better generation is always my goal. We breed to the Bulldog Standard. 


We do NOT have puppies available all the time. Each breeding is carefully planned and every puppy is given individual attention and socialization. Breeders that have puppies available all the time, cannot.


I FIRMLY believe health testing is necessary to help ensure the continued overall improvement in the breed. We throughly test all of the animals in our breeding program. Many kennels do bare minimum health testing or none at all and claim to “health test”.  Check out my kennel or any others you are interested in considering on the Orthopedic Foundation For Animals (OFA) database/website. Their website is  Type in the animals registered name and you will be given all the health testing done on that animal. It is extremely important to make sure health testing has been done on the parents and grandparents. 

We breed AKC registered bulldogs and raised in our home. As soon as they are old enough to start housebreaking, we start housebreaking them. Our puppies are socialized, they have exposure to new and different surfaces, objects, people and animals to ensure they develop into well adjusted adults. This also helps them with the transition to their new family with less stress.  


All puppies sold come with a 12 month guarantee.  The price of the puppy is $4,500.   All puppies are sold as a pet only, meaning they will come on a limited AKC registration, with NO breeding or showing rights. Our puppies are sold as companion pets and are not to be bred.  

We can fly with the puppy in the cabin with us to your nearest airport. This way the puppy has someone with them at all times. Personal delivery by plane in the lower 48 states cost around $1000 depending on the price of the roundtrip airline ticket, in cabin pet fee and which airport we will be flying in/out of.  





MBISS GCHB           B-Loved Causing A Commotion

Sire: CH B-Loved Been There Done That “Benton”

Dam: CH B-Loved One Way Or Another “Anna”

Ruckus has passed his OFA heart, patellas, and trachea. He is HUU clear.



GCH B-Loved Maggie Mae Cusac

Sire: BIS RBIS MBISS GChP. B-Loved Nothing But Net


Dam: CH JWilson’s Never Low Maintenance

Maggie has passed her OFA trachea, heart, thyroid, elbows, patellas and hips.  




Thanks for submitting!


As of 02/03/2024, a reputable breeder has male puppies available. Please feel free to reach out directly to breeder 636-578-7546 or for more info.   Please check out Sourmug Bulldogs on Facebook for photos. 

Please download puppy application, filled file please email to
Please make sure you leave me your e-mail / phone number on application or I will not be able to contact you.
Sourmug Bulldogs 609-432-1797



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